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Phan Thanh Hoa -Teacher of United Nations International School of Hanoi-Vietnam
Kungfu is not my first introduction to martial arts. I started practicing Taekwondo when I was a 10th grader, not because I was a Taekwondo fan but so : you can scare the bullies away when needed., said my dad when first moved to Hanoi from a small town.

  After five years in taekwondo with all the hard punchings and high kickings, I finally achieved a black belt. I put it at a holy place in my house, as a remark of my success in life.

   University at last years became busy. No time for martial arts ! I told myself : I got what I aimed for, why more?. Saying goodbye to all those hard sweating years practicing like a “ real” boy, I came back to hide myself in a Vietnamese “ ao dai “with its traditional humble values.

   For ten years later, my time was devoted to work and family. Sometimes, I passed by a Sports Center where kids were doing high kickings, a kind of melancholic feeling running back “ well. old days! I miss that “. I was sometimes temped to go back to Taekwondo but I couldn’t imagine of  myself doing high jumpings and kickings any more. At least , not at my age.

   I met Master Quang by an accident or by the magical arrangement of our martial arts fate. He said simply ‘ Come to practice this Summer when you have time’. ‘ Me ?’ With astonishing doubtful eyes, I went to Master’s class to find out my long life dream finally came true.

   Master Quang did not tell me to put as much power as possible in my kickings or punchings which have become more difficult for me. Instead, he explained to me where strength comes from; where the focal power points of a body are and how I can form my strongest power based on those points. What amazed me was how I could form the internal force instead of external like before and how to breathe to harmonize the internal organs.’ The trick is you have to harmonize all the parts of your body to gain the strongest power that your body is capable of ‘. My body and movements were too tense. Master Quang taught me how to relax while still gaining the best strength.

   I was lucky to trained in both Kungfu and Taichi. Master Quang has formed something unique to teach his students which can be named as Quangkungfu. In his teaching, one can find the traditional Shaolin kungfu which appeared in China thousand years ago but has combined with Master’s experience of 30 years of practice and teaching. Master Quang told me ‘ Absorb it and make it your own Kungfu based on what I have taught you’. I did not practice passively but started to find out the ways to improve myself. This can be seen as an intelligent martial arts when both teacher and student are really involved in the process to achieve something.

   My admiration and inspiration for Kungfu and Taichi are growing after each lesson. I felt in love with every lessons. Both my physical and emotional health have improved remarkably. Kungfu and Taichi have changed me positively to lots of extents. Not only I haven’t suffered any cold or flu since I practiced with Master Quang but I ‘ve become more confident, calm and strong-minded.

   There is a new part growing inside me. I am not aware since when Kungfu and Taichi has become the therapy for body and soul.