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Simon, British, 51 years old
By nature I’m not a particularly ‘Sporty’ individual but as the years go by you discover that your body needs and demands some attention and exercise.

I did not relish the idea of weight lifting or running around a park everyday. However after first meeting Quang in the late 1990’s martial arts seemed like an intriguing idea,

I started practicing Kung Fu with him soon after. It’s a wonderful workout that does much more than just exercise your body.

It is truly a ‘Mind & Body’ experience, breathing exercises and practicing movements and forms certainly make you sweat, but additionally the routine and practice of Kung Fu, and more recently Tai Chi have helped my memory, balance and attitude.

Learning from Quang who learnt form Chinese masters himself as a child, you feel you are receiving knowledge from an old order, a distinguished tradition that goes back many hundreds of years.

Both elemental and sophisticated - Dragon, Tiger, Snake and other forms, Quang unravels in a mysterious logic.

As an artist I have even found that the practice of martial arts has informed my image making, the shapes of Kung Fu have been a marvelous foundation for my paintings in recent years.