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Kathy, American, 46 years old

I've always loved watching elderly people in the park perform the elegant movements of Tai Chi. I was feeling "middle-aged" and out of shape and figured it was time to join them.

Little did I know how wonderful Tai Chi would make me feel both mentally and physically. Tai Chi is moving meditation. My mind has to be 100% focused on my breathing and movements, pushing the thoughts of the day aside for a while. After practicing for a few months, I find my concentration improving in general. I've never enjoyed lifting weights or running on a treadmill, but with Tai Chi, my muscles are shaping up while I focus on making my movements graceful.

Studying with Quang has made all the difference between doing exercise and learning a martial art. Quang has a deep understanding of the mental, physical, and cultural aspects of the art. He helps me see beyond what I've witnessed in the park to how Tai Chi is connected to every martial art in its requirement for concentration and the flow of the movement.

Quang is a very patient teacher. He knows intuitively that the beginner student is often overwhelmed by the many steps of a Tai Chi form, which seem impossible to remember and make as smoothly as the Master does. He doesn't let me get frustrated but reminds me that step-by-step I will improve my skill and understanding. One day I kept stopping mid-form to make every step perfect. He instructed me to keep going, focusing on my breathing and making my movements flow, including those that were not exactly correct. "It's like jazz," he said – Tai Chi, and Master Quang are very cool.

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