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Jens, Danish, 39 years old

I came across 'Quang Kung Fu' in the 'Hanoi Guide' and thought it could be interesting to learn a martial art which would probably be more closely related to the original traditions than a typical martial art class in Denmark.

Having heard that Quang had been practicing for nearly 30 years, I envisioned a rather old Vietnamese Master having classes in a gym for at least 10 people - giving orders in Vietnamese - military style.
To my surprise, he was about my age, the training was individual, often 'one-on-one', situated in a studio based on the covered roof-top of his family's apartment and done in an atmosphere of mutual respect and finally his English was at least as good as mine.

Being a beginner in martial arts - as I am - you do not need to fear that it is too hard - Quang starts you off in your own pace and you will decide if you want to come every day or just once a week.
He respects that your way of doing the different techniques might differ from his as long as you got the basics right. But he can always improve what you are doing.

The layers of Pham Vu Quang and his Kung Fu start to peal off slowly as you progress.
You never find yourself bored in training because you always learn something new or something old in a new way. You do not only learn how, you also learn why. Occasionally, you will even get a glimpse of the Man and his story when he opens up to tell about his past.

Practicing in his house always makes me feel like a guest of his family - getting to know them as well as his martial art. Sometimes I bring my own kids there to stay, while I am practicing - which his family find the most natural thing in the world.

Among many things, Quang and his Kung Fu is certainly on the top of the list of things I will truly miss when I leave Vietnam. The sense of being a small part of traditions that might be gone in a few generations is special.