The presentation of
Master Pham Vu Quang

Instruction Path
Tai Chi
Kung Fu for Kids
Summer Camp 2011
Kung Fu and Tai Chi group lessons in Prague - view pictures here

  Master Quang  and his students - view pictures here



Master Quang Slide show - View slide show  Flash 5mb 2:15


Weapons' techniques movies

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Video: Shao lin Kung Fu EISP Kids show - 12th Feb 2012

Interview in the Czech Fighter Magazine (November - December 2010)

Article in Vietnamese newspapers Viet Bao

Article in Vietnamese newspapers Tienphong

Article on the web pages of the Vietnamese police

Quang Kungfu on VTV4 television

Quang Kungfu on French broadcasting of VTV4

Quang Kungfu and a traditional form of the Shaolin Kungfu called Black Dragon


Poster - download