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Shaolin Kung fu for children  


The first thing that comes to one’s mind when hearing about Shaolin Kung fu is the beautifully crafted skills of the monks in the Shaolin pagodas, or images from films, about men and women who, with great effort, obtained skills that ordinary people could never achieve. The Shaolin Kungfu of today consists not only of a full range of self-defense techniques, but also of a unique artistic sport. Developed over many generations, it arises anew in each person from a combination of inner strength based on natural survival instincts and long training.


Historically thriving during difficult and unstable periods, Shaolin Kung fu was used for self-defense to resist oppressive powers, and to promote justice. Nowadays, it is used primarily as a sport to improve fitness, nurture energy, and maintain balance of body and mind. Despite its image as a hard discipline, this martial art helps people feel refreshed and more confident at work and in their personal lives. Not just for super-heros, with the right teacher, a little patience, and consistent practice Shaolin kung fu will bring out your inner skills and abilities.


Children especially benefit from martial arts practice. Their physical and emotional lives and immune systems are like young trees needing care and guidance to grow straight and true to adult life. Children who are trained in Kung fu are more fit and stable than others, obtaining endurance and confidence, which help them to share and love easily, building harmonious relationships


Master Quang was trained in Vietnam by several Chinese Shaolin Kung fu masters, and has 25 years of experience teaching children and adults from around the world. Through training with Master Quang, children learn all the basic Kung fu techniques, including real-life attacking and defending skills and sparring practice. They are also introduced to the basics of Chi Kung, learning internal body awareness to increase energy and reduce stress and aggression. They also quickly become stronger, faster, more confident, more respectful and loving, as observed by parents whose children have trained with Master Quang.


Master Quang started training children in 1986, and keeps in touch with many of them, who credit him with helping them make their way successfully in adult life. Master Quang wishes to pass on his deep knowledge and experience in the martial arts to the next generations, continuing an age-old tradition, so that with new self-awareness and strength, they will have a clear path to the future, theirs and ours.



Video: Shao lin Kung Fu EISP Kids show - 12th Feb 2012