Methods of studying
Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan
with Master Pham Vu Quang

Instruction Path
Kung Fu for Kids
Summer Camp 2011
Tai Chi

The motto of Taichi is to improve fitness and calm the inner self in order to help each person reach their highest potential, in harmony with the wonderful rhythm of nature.

Taichi trainees will gain balanced health, immunity to disease, a clear mind, improved memorizing ability, creativity and a readiness to respond to any opportunity in life.

Taichi is a method of relaxation and meditation, which is good for preventing stress. It is also very effective and healthy for everyone, especially those of middle age or older and those with less active lifestyles.

Taichi is a therapeutic activity. With very relaxing, smooth movements rhythmically loosening the muscles it enables us to take deeper and longer breaths, relieving our spirits of worry. This simplicity makes Taichi one of the most important martial arts. Taichi’s movements increase the flexibility of muscles, and affects internal organs, therefore increasing the body’s immunity as well as slowing the aging process of the nervous system. It also has excellent effects on heart disease, high blood pressure, fever and other chronic diseases.

Taichi is well known as a meditative activity, but it is also a martial art derived from Shao Lin Kungfu.

The Taichi trainee will learn to harmonize internal and external force, and to harness potential energy within the body. Using mental strength to develop breathing, muscular relaxation and flexibility of movement will create unpredictable power.

Master Pham Vu Quang had the good fortune to learn from top Taichi masters at an early age. A long time practicing and researching Taichi as well as a profound knowledge of the techniques of Shao Lin kungfu has allowed him wonderful health. Taichi lets Master Quang lives harmoniously with nature, understand more about himself and know how to create fast internal power when practicing.

From his more than 30 years of experience and more than 20 years of teaching Taichi and Shao Lin kungfu to hundreds of students from all over the world, he demonstrates the ability of Taichi to help students achieve better health and an independent state of mind, allowing students to become more decisive in work and life. The practice of Taichi is also very useful in the treatment of arthritis, particularly in the knee, spine, and shoulders, high blood pressure, and diseases of inner organs especially heart diseases

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