Shaolin Kung Fu for Self-Defence

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Shaolin Kung Fu was created over thousands of years and developed through many historically difficult periods. It is an effective self-defence system based on a focused mind and natural internal energy, enabling the weak to defeat the strong and protect the good of the people. Shaolin Kung Fu has nurtured many great martial masters who made an art form out of the use of bodily strength. 

Pham Vu Quang is one of today’s Shaolin masters. He was trained by both Chinese and Vietnamese masters and honed his combat skills on the streets of Hanoi during the chaotic decade after the war ended in 1975. In those days gangsters and mafia ruled the streets, and the police were too weak to deal with them. Neighborhoods had to organize their own security, and Master Quang was instrumental in using his invaluable skills to respond to attacks and defend himself and his family and friends from danger. During this time Master Quang also created many of his own effective self-defence techniques based on Shaolin principles.


At age 16 Quang became the youngest of Vietnam’s masters to open his own martial arts studio. It soon became one of the biggest martial arts school in Vietnam, succeeding in the face of threats from gangsters and rival schools. Later Master Quang joined the army to train soldiers and police to provide effective security to the city. There were many bloody battles in the streets between police and gangsters, and Master Quang’s methods were crucial to eventually restoring pride and confidence to the security forces, belief in the government to the people, and order and security to the public.

Upon leaving the army Master Quang returned to his martial arts school. With Vietnam opening to the outside world after 1995 he began teaching short-term self-defence courses to foreign students of both genders and all ages. The courses help students become physically stronger and mentally more confident, on the city streets, at the workplace, and when traveling. In these short courses, students are taught a wide range of skills:  


  • practical self-defence techniques
  • natural capabilities and body movements
  • how to combine external and internal physical forces
  • how to understand the mind of the opponent
  • how to use weapons such as short or long knives or sticks, or bricks and stones
  • how to avoid punches, grabs, locks, grappling, hair-pulling, or strangling, etc.
  • how to defend against one or many attackers
  • how to defend oneself on the street, at the bus stop, or in a restaurant or pub, etc.


Master Quang offers traditional Shaolin Kung Fu for self-defence and more in short-term courses (twice a week for eight weeks) to suit busy modern schedules. His teaching method is simple, easy to learn and apply, and highly effective, attracting students of all ages and genders and occupations.