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JB, French

I first started to learn Kung Fu Hung Gar style in France, when I was 29, and then traditional Shao Lin in Germany. When I first arrived in Hanoi in 2007, I was looking for a Kung Fu Master who could continue to teach me this rich and complete martial art. Soon after, a friend of mine recommended me to Quang.

His unique teaching approach allowed me to develop my Kung Fu, and not to be closed in one particular style. Quang understood my needs, my limits, and what I wanted to achieve. He helped me to find my rhythm and balance through observing and understanding my physical abilities. It was for me a different approach and teaching from what I experienced in France and Germany.

He first reinforced the basic and the techniques; then, he taught me several combinations of forms and figures from the Shao Lin and animals; after, he lifted up my skills, speed and power, by carefully observing me, giving me hints here and there along with unique exercises to do with a mirror, candles and bricks. But he never rushed, or overwhelmed me with a flow of instructions and corrections. Quang knows, listens, observes, and discretely takes you beyond your limits.

His in depth knowledge and experience of martial arts but also street fighting broadened my learning experience. He also taught me self-defence techniques and Tai Chi. I find it great to combine the speed and power of Kung Fu with the grace, balance and breathing techniques of Tai Chi. They are as complementary as the Ying and the Yang. And both give you an incredible physical and mental balance.

Quang has a big share in my passion for Kung fu and Tai Chi. I still have a lot to learn and I never get tired of it! As a business owner, I even found very effective to practically apply what I learned from Quang and Kung Fu in a business management context.