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Eva, Czech, 25 years old

I came to Vietnam in order to get to know the Asian culture better and try to live in a foreign country. I was fascinated by the culture and lifestyle of the East. I arrived in Hanoi early in the morning, and I was inspired by people running and doing exercise everywhere around me.

Life in Asia is definitely vibrant. There are millions of people living in Hanoi, and you are aware of this fact anywhere you go. This was one of the reasons why I decided to practise tai chi. I wanted to stop for a while, relax, concentrate and spend time just for myself.

Master Quang was recommended to me as the best in all Vietnam. I practised tai chi with him for 4 months, two times a week and I can only recommend practise with him to anyone. I was impressed by his Tai Chi and it would be difficult for me to find another teacher back in the Czech Republic.

At first I was unable to concentrate and I was still searching what I was doing wrong. I understood that each and every movement has its own meaning and therefore it is important to deeply concentrate. Thanks to Quang’s easy and professional approach I learnt a lot. I liked joining his lesson because I always felt very positive atmosphere there. Thanks to Quang I experienced essential part of the Vietnamese culture, and my dream came true.