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Mats Ottosson, Sweden

Studying with Master Quang has been one of the great experiences during my time in Hanoi. When I came here I had the aspiration to start learning a martial art, starting again where I left off somewhere in my twenties.

I rather quickly came across Quang´s name as a teacher of Shao Lin kung-fu and met with him in his studio. The very first impression was that he was very professional and a dedicated teacher. That he spoke excellent English was a terrific bonus.

My first impression was very much true. Master Quang is teaching you an art, passed on from teacher to student over generations where the essential cornerstones are tradition and heritage. But secure in his knowledge and skills Quang also shows you how to adapt and use kung-fu in a modern setting.

The usefulness and devastating practicality of Quang´s kung-fu is evident when he demonstrates what is hidden in a hand form. As a teacher he is both patient and demanding at the same time and instils in his students a wish to improve and do better. From hand forms to different weapons, Quang can always show you something new to learn or new aspects to what you think you have mastered before.

After some time I asked Quang if my six-year old daughter and her two friends could start taking lessons from him. He said yes and since then I have taken the girls to Quang´s studio every Sunday for kung-fu class. With the children it is easy to see Quang´s skills as a teacher. Class is disciplined but fun and he has the ability to both explain and show complicated forms and movements to the kids in a way that they get it amazingly quickly an do not get tired of practising.

As classes are held on the roof in Quang´s family house you feel part of his family. From the studio you have a great view of the neighbouring pagoda and sometimes during class you hear the monks in sermon or cheering when they watch football on television. All this is part of Quang´s kung-fu in Hanoi and if you try it you will never forget it.